The menu above can take you to many fun places. There is a blog that I randomly post to when the spirit moves me and I have some time from my studies. There is an archive of documents for the history of agriculture in the western part of the lower peninsula of Michigan. There are examples of stuff I have published. There will soon be some working papers on the research page. And there are a couple of pages of other stuff, but the ones I just mentioned are probably the most interesting.

I am a historian interested in how contested spaces in the history of food systems [re]produce regional cultures which, as a fallen anthropologist and ex-foodie, I define broadly through a political economy/ecology framework to include politics, economics, and the environment. This website exists to share thoughts, ideas, sources, and publications encountered in my journey in the doctoral program at the MSU history department. The site began during a Digital Humanities course at MSU in the spring of 2021 and I figured this was a great opportunity to establish an online presence. I expanded the site to include pages for past work and current progress (along with some slap-dash stuff like a place to post my random obscure recordings). So, take a look around. I am currently in my fourth year of doctoral studies and new things will continually appear as I move through the program and expand and contract foci.